Dyeing comes before knitting

Hi Ric, are you still listening? 😉

(Other English readers are more than welcome, of course!)

This time I better tell you now about my knitting , the last time I was at metropoleparis-Club. Instead of waiting for you, to ask me in three or four month…

As this is more or less the english version of mondays blog entry you’ll find the pictures there…

Okay, there was this story about dyeing the wool. Well, the pictures do not show italian spaghetti, but german wool. A simple, rather rough one, in “sheep-colour”.

The wool gets well tied, the it had to soak in a water with quite an amount of vinegar. (Cheap white one…)

Meanwhile I search the rest of my Easter-Egg colour (brand name “Braun-Heitman”, type “IRIS”), one tablett in blue, one in green and in the third mug one yellow and one blue, for a different shade of green. Again vinegar… plus hot water.

The well soaked spaghetti wool comes in a pot (anyone a translation for the word “Glaskeramik”? I think its a kind of glass…?). The dye gets poured over it. I put the lid on the pot and than the meal cooks ten minutes in the microwave oven.

Ready to serve.

Nearly. After washing out any excess-dye and letting the whole thing dry.bestickter Strickfilz

Then going to a metropoleparis-Club meeting and knitting a strange kind of cloth.

(Btw, ric, you are the only person who has a picture of the yarn and the knitting in its original colour! I forgot to take one. Well, not really forgot. I planned to take a picture so often, that after some time, I was completey convinced that Ihad taken a photo of the yarn. Well… I was wrong :-/ )

At home I threw the cloth in the washing machine at 60°C and after two cycles it had nicely felted. And the colour was much softer.

The pictures are, as I said, below.

But for tany, whose comment encouraged me, to write in English more often and other possible English readers (if there are any…): a fresh up to date picture of what the thing looks today.

Because a felted piece of knitting is not the end… it’s the beginning… 😉

Die nicht englischsprachigen Leser müssen sich keine Sorgen machen. Dies hier ist nur eine kurze Zusammenfassung zu den Bildern vom Montag. Ihr habt nichts verpasst.

Außer vielleicht dem tagesfrischen Anblick des gefilzten Teils…. denn natürlich höre ich nicht mit einem Stück gefilzter Strickerei auf. Ich fange gerade erst an. 😉

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