Why this blog isn’t in English (ni en Francais…)

Well… I’m reading blogs in English, sometimes I’m even commenting on them. Rarely though, because I’m generally not often writing a comment in a blog. (Mostly due to the fact, that for most blogs I have to change from my favourite browser „Konqueror“ to something else like Mozilla or so. An to the fact that I’m far from high-speed internet so opening the „comments“ page usually takes hours. Much longer than waiting for the blog itself… dunno why…?) But sometimes I do (de temps en temps c’est aussi dans un blog francophone, que j’ecris un commentaire) and leaving the URL of this blog sometimes somebody follows and gets lost in all that German here. Sorry. (Mes excuses egalement aux francophones que ne comprennent rien non plus dans ce blog en langue allemande.)

So, why I’m not blogging in English?

Well, first of all, when I started this blog, I discovered, that the Internet is full of information about sewing and knitting for those who speak English. And full of blogs about sewing and knitting. For those who speak Englisch. I do. But others don’t. I mean, the official language in Germany is still German. 😉 (So in Austria and in parts of Switzerland. An a tiny corner of Belgium, I think.) Everybody learns English at school. More or less. Nowadays. But let’s not forget, that about one third of the population was raised with Russian as foreign language. And other come from a generation that wasn’t taught foreign languages at school at all. Or not to a level you could really use the language.

And I thought, with all that information available in English… who would need mine? On the other side… I can enjoy all that information… and maybe transfer a tiny part of it over the „language-border“ to German speakers.

The second reason is: German is my language and I’m able to write a text in quite a good German, I think. English… well… I can read it… writing it… well last time I really had to write in English was at school. And that is very long ago. Really long. An who would need another blog written in bad English…? If there ar so many writen in good English? Right, nobody. I guess. (I usually have this feeling: If somebody else can do something so much better than me… why the should I be doing it?)

Writing in both languages would of course be a solution. I’ve discovered that quite a lot of people do.

Francly I really admire all those, who find the time to do so! I think I would under that condition not do more than one entry a month. Okay, I could be trying  to write shorter… but since I used to work for a local newspaper long ago and got paid by the line… something of that seems to remain very deep in my spirit. :o)

Next problem would be… which two language to choose. I read about as many french blogs than english ones. And having lived in France for two years… well to make my blog more accessable to my friends there I probably should do it in French. And than I’d never come to an end with any entry at all! (En plus: Bloger simultanement  en Francais me couterait encroyablement du temps. Parler en Francais… ca va. Mais pour ecrire je dois verifier a peu pres chaque deuxieme verbe dans le Becherelle… :o) Que mon clavier refuse a mettre des accents au dessus des lettres (je peux les justement poser avant ou apres une lettre…) n’ameliore pas les choses. Et l’argument que je peux ecrire a peu pres correct en Allemand mais que je suis loin de ca en Francais reste valable pour cette langue aussi.)

On the other hand… hm… when I’m for example writing about shopping in Paris, when I’m describing english books or English bookshops… that might even be more useful in English (ou meme en Francais) than in German.

But… would somebody read that? In English? Probably not. Who visits a blog that only from time to time gives information in a „useful language“? Nobody, I suppose.

So…. if there’s someone out there who would like to read some English phrases in this blog here… let me know! (Click on „Kommentar“, that means „comment“) And I’ll think about it.

Pareille pour les francophones…. s’il i y a quelq’un(e) qui aimerait bien lire quelques phrases en Francais (plutot mauvais…)….? Dis le moi!

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