Hackensocke, die Anleitung

Heels for flats

Und weil ich gerade so schön dabei bin…

Socken mit hohen HackenJetzt ist auch hier die Anleitung fertig. Gezeigt habe ich die “im Schuh” Socken mit ausreichen hoher Ferse ja hier schon. Wer außer Pega sie also auch nachstricken möchte findet hier die Anleitung:

Hackensocke in Gr. 38-40

(Und natürlich wie immer ist die Anleitung für den privaten Gebrauch und statt sie einfach zu kopieren gebt bitte den Link auf diesen Blogeintrag weiter.)

Seems I’m in a pattern writing mood…

I*ve already shown the sock here. And if you want to knit those for yourself, here is the pattern:

Heels for flats, size 38-40.

(And as always, the pattern is for private use only and please don’t make copies, you can easily pass a link to this blog entry.)

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    • Hm… when I am klicking on it it does exactly what it is supposed to do? You are trying from a computer or a mobile device? I can’t test on mobile devices.

  4. I’m having trouble with the heel. At k 1 row. p18, turn. Ts, k15, Is there a typo? I am not ending up in the middle of my heel. Thanks

  5. Should the heel read:
    k 1 row.
    p 28?, turn.
    Ts, k15,

    Or am I just missing something? Thanks for your help.

    • Hm, hard to tell after all those years, but the pattern has been knitted several times at ravelry, so big mistakes should have been found so far. (Unless no one reported it…) And I am not at home, so I can’t check my original notes on paper.

      But you might be right… the purl stitches should end up over the next turn stitch below, if that is with 28 stitches… then that is correct.

      Thanks for letting me know, I’ll try to figure it our (and correct it) once I can reach my notes on paper.

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